ToonUp Presentations produces and distributes animated software products called "ToonUps" which combine humor and animation to enhance both communications and presentations. These ToonUps consist of a collection of animated images, characters, and scenarios which add life and excitement to PowerPoints turning them into truly "Great Performances".

ToonUp Presentations was founded and is owned by two successful entrepreneurial managers, Raymond J. Hansell and MarySue Lucci. Prior to starting ToonUp Presentations, Inc., the team built one of America’s largest teleservices firms, RMH Teleservices. RMH was venture-funded and then taken public in 1996 (RMT, NASDAQ).

Much of the success of that venture was due to their much heralded theme of "Great Performances" in telesales which correlated the scripted presentations of their sales personal to the theatrical performances of famous actors and actresses.

Ray Hansell and MarySue Lucci
Ray Hansell & MarySue Lucci
ToonUps Founders

After retiring from RMH Ray and MarySue launched a training animation company called ToonUp Coach, Inc. which produces animated cartoons for corporate training. These short animated cartoons called Training ToonUps provide employers with a means of training and communicating in a fun an effective way that ensures their message is not only heard, but retained.

Not wanting to rest on their laurels, Ray and MarySue wanted to create an organization that would not only help other organizations train and motivate their employees, but also help teachers, presenters and others create dynamic and exciting presentations! To accomplish their goals, the founders formed a new company, ToonUp Presentations Inc., to provide tools for PowerPoint users, web designers, email marketers, and anyone else looking to turn a dynamic and effective presentation into a "Great Performance" as well.

Today ToonUp Coach, Inc. and ToonUp Presentations are helping hundreds of organizations as well as well as individuals train, motivate, communicate with their audience through humorous and dynamic animated presentations!