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Ordering Information

How do I order?

That's easy. You can order from either the products page or any of the individual theme pages. Simply click "Add to Cart" and enter your information. You will be up and running in only a few minutes!

How soon before I can access the products?

Immediately! Once you've completed the checkout process you will receive a message letting you know that your account has been set up and you can begin using the product right away. All you have to do is create your own password, and then you're up and running!

What methods of payment do you accept?

ToonUp Presentations, Inc. accepts company checks, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Extended payment or billing arrangements may also be done on an individual basis at the discretion of the sales manager.

How will I receive the product?

Once you purchase one of our ToonUp Packages you may begin using the product immediately. Access to all the products is available through this website with members logging in using their unique credentials. All of the products are available for download - some of the animated products may be customized online before download.


What product/packages do you offer?

We offer several packages and purchase options. Our products are organized by theme and can be purchased on a single theme, multi-theme or all access basis. All of our standard package options are listed on our Products page. For school discounts, multi-license options or group discounts, call us and one of our knowledgeable sales consultants will be glad to help you.

Which product is right for me?

That depends...what are you looking to do? If you are looking to put together an awesome PowerPoint presentation that is sure to catch the audience's attention and get a few laughs than any of our single theme packages will do the trick. Whether you're a student or trainer or just someone who needs to do a single training, the single theme package would be a perfect way to build a killer presentation!

If you are a teacher or trainer or consultant that does a lot of presentations...then our 5-Pack or Total ToonUp package would be an even better option. Change up your theme for different subject matter or to keep things fresh. Mix and match the themes to create your own style of presentation. With thousands of images, backgrounds, and animations to choose from, our 5-pack and Total ToonUp Packages offer the best value and most options!

How does the annual subscription work?

Members purchase one of our themes and get immediate and unlimited access to all the clip art, animated clip art, backgrounds, templates, Animated Scenes, and Co-Star ToonUps which can be downloaded from this website. Members can customize the Interactive Characters and ToonUp Scenarios by adding their own copy, bullets, etc. Members purchase one of our single or multi-theme packages online and receive immediate access.

Use is limited to a single-user license which means that each user will be given unlimited access to all the clip art, animated clip art, backgrounds, templates, Animated Scenes, and Co-Star ToonUps included in that package which they may customize or download. Once the animations are customized they are ready for download. If a member wants to make changes to their animation, they can come back to the website, make whatever changes they'd like, and then download and replace the previous animation.

Can I continue to use the ToonUp products after my subscription expires?

Some of the products yes, and some of the products no. All Cartoon Co-Stars and ToonUp Transitions are time-stamped and will expire at the end of your subscription. They will no longer play the animation and will appear with an "Expired" watermark. All Clip Art, Animated Clip Art, Backgrounds, and Templates are available on a permanent license basis and will never expire. If you choose not to renew at the end of your subscription...those are yours to keep!

Can I share my access with others?

No, membership is granted on a single-user basis, but ToonUp Presentations, Inc. offers group discounts and custom packaging for multiple users (Learn More). Although membership/access is limited to a single user, you can certainly share your creations with others. You are welcome to post our ToonUp products on a public website, incorporate them into an email campaign, and of course use them in a PowerPoint presentation you share with others. ToonUp products may not be resold, repackaged, or redistributed without permission of ToonUp Presentations, Inc.

Learn more about Interactive Co-Star ToonUps.

Our animated Cartoon Co-Stars are our newest and most exciting product to date. These characters love to comment on your material, your audience, even you! Each character offers between 30 and 50 entertaining interactions which do everything from welcoming your audience to commenting on your slides to teasing your audience to announcing breaks and much more. The character can start immediately speaking as soon as you land on the PowerPoint slide (or as soon as the webpage loads if used online) or the character can "wait" for a mouse click from you before speaking. This allows you to control the timing of your interaction with the character to make the "conversation" more natural.

Additionally, you can choose to display the character in full-screen mode with your own copy, bullets, etc. actually appearing within the animation, or you choose to have the character appear within a frame that can sized and placed wherever you want on the slide.

Learn more about ToonUp Transitions.

Our animated ToonUp Transitions are a perfect way to deliver your message with flair. They are much more interesting and eye-catching than the typical PowerPoint transitions your audience has seen a thousand times. (You can still use those transitions with our ToonUp Transitions if you want to though). Each transition consists of a short and clever animation that ends by revealing your text. This is a great way to build up some anticipation for your copy and make sure the audience really takes notice. Give one of our fun ToonUp Transitions a try at your next presentation and watch the reactions you'll get!

How do I use ToonUp Products?

How do I use the products in PowerPoint?

Although our ToonUp products can be used in other applications besides PowerPoint (like web pages, online learning programs, email campaigns, and more!), our animated products really take a standard PowerPoint presentation to a whole new level.

Our static clip art and animated clip art products are available at no cost as part of our Free Membership (learn more). You can save these images to your computer to create your own clip art library or simply drag any of clip art images directly into PowerPoint (or other application like MS Word).

Our backgrounds and templates allow you to create a very unique presentation with cartoon backgrounds unlike anything else you'll find anywhere!

Customize one of our animated Animated Scenes by adding your own copy, and watch as one of our animated cartoons plays out and ends by revealing your text. These transitions are more clever, unique and memorable than the standard PowerPoint transitions your audience has seen a thousand times.

And if you're ready to take your presentation to a whole new level, imagine what your presentations would be like with an animated cartoon co-host! That's exactly what you get with our interactive Co-Star ToonUps. Each character has dozens of interactions and loves to make comments on your material, your audience…even you!

You choose whether the character starts speaking as soon as the slide loads or whether they should wait for a click of the mouse. You decide whether they appear full-screen with your customized copy appearing within the animation, or within a smaller resizable window on your PowerPoint slide. However you choose to use them…your audience will love them!

Can I use ToonUps for Web Applications?

Absolutely! Our ToonUp products work well not only in PowerPoint applications but in web-based applications as well. Add our clip art or animated clip art images on a web page or intranet page or CBT program just as you would any other picture or image.

Our animated ToonUp Transitions and Cartoon Co-Stars can be downloaded as .swf files and added to any webpage about as easily as adding a picture. These animations work well as a way to promote a product, announce a sale, welcome people to your site, and much more.

Get a little creative with your website and see how our ToonUp products can "toonup" your site!

Can I use ToonUps in Email Campaigns?

Absolutely! Our clip art and animated clip art can really help to dress up your email and give it some real "character".

Our ToonUp Transitions and Cartoon Co-Stars can be added to your HTML emails to really make them unique! We recommend that you download the animations and then post them to a web page, then hyperlink an image in your email to that webpage. It's really easy and helps avoid issue like blocked attachments or animations playing in preview windows. Your email recipients simply click on an image and a window opens that plays the cartoon!

How do I customize the animations?

Customizing the animations couldn't be easier. We've included detailed instructions on each ToonUp Transition or Cartoon Co-Star page to walk you through how to do it. It's basically as simple as typing your text in a message box; adding features like bullets, bold, italics, indents, etc.; then saving the file. Once you've done that you can download whenever you'd like.

If you want to make some changes or create a similar animation, you can open the file you saved, make any changes you want, and then re-download the animation again and again.

Benefits of ToonUp Products

What are the benefits of using ToonUp products?

Simply put…ToonUp products take your presentation to a whole new level! Creating a good presentation take a lot of time and work. You take pride in your presentation and want it to be the best it can be. You take the time to gather your data, create graphics and write your copy…now you're ready to spruce it up a bit.

But this is where many presenters get confused. They simply start grabbing random clip art images and backgrounds that they think "look good" or are at least somewhat related to the topic covered. They pick backgrounds that have a color or texture they like and then maybe throw in a few standard Microsoft transitions to reveal the slide. Now they're all finished and created a great presentation, right? Wrong!

With all the work and time you've invested into your presentation, don't you want it to be fun, interesting, and memorable? Don't you want your audience to leave your presentation with a smile on their face and the content you just covered on their mind? To do this you need more than just some "window dressing" clip art and backgrounds…you need something more!

That's where our ToonUp products come in. By using more animated ToonUp Transitions and interactive Cartoon Co-Stars, your presentation literally comes to life! The use of humor and clever scenarios make the presentation fun and memorable. The use of an animated co-star makes your presentation more unique than anything they've ever seen before. And that's how you turn your presentation into a great performance!

How are ToonUp products different from other clip art and template products?

Unlike other clip art and template products, which basically serve as "eye-candy" or "window dressing" for your presentation…ToonUp Products aren't just extra pieces of artwork randomly thrown into a presentation. Instead, they are well-coordinated elements that come together to create an amazing presentation. With one of our themed packages you don't just get clip art images and a few template options…you also get animated clip art characters to give your presentation some punch; animated ToonUp Transitions to add excitement and creativity to your presentation; and our flagship product…Cartoon Co-Stars which act as co-hosts for your presentation. You won't find that on a regular clip art site!

How does humor make presentations more memorable?

Think about it! How many movie lines can you quote? How many songs do you know? It's probably a lot more than you realize. Now…how many quotes can you give from books or newspapers you've read?

The difference is that most people remember things through visual or audio cues. Simply put, it's easier for us to remember something we've seen or heard rather than something we've read.

So why are most PowerPoint presentations all text? Sure we throw in a few clip art images or change the background…but where are the audio and visual cues that our audience's need to really retain the information?

That's where our ToonUp products come in. By combining memorable visuals, audio files, and humor we're tapping into the memory receptors of our audience. These are the things their brains crave!

So don't just throw in some random visuals…create a memorable performance that will stay in your audience's memory long after the presentation is over!

Questions for Members

How do I login?

If you already have a ToonUps account…a single theme, a theme 5-pack, the Total ToonUp package or just a free clip art account…you simply click the "login" link at the top of the website. Then enter your email and password to log in.

Once you've logged in you can access any of the themes by using the navigation links in the left margin. Any theme included in your package will appear with a star. Or if you prefer to browse by application (i.e. clip art, Cartoon Co-Stars, etc) you can click those links instead. If something isn't included in your package, it will not be available for download.

Where can I get technical assistance?

ToonUp Presentations, Inc. will provide technical assistance to any customer or free member who needs it. Simply give us a call at 866-866-6877 or email us at One of our experienced sales or technical support representatives will be happy to assist you. Our hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. Emails may receive faster answers during off-hours.

Can I use any computer to access my account?

Absolutely! You can download any of our ToonUp products from any computer with Internet access. Of course if you're previously download a file using a different computer you may need to download it again.

If you've created any customized animations, they will be saved and available online for re-download…even with a different computer. All you need is Internet access and your log in information.

About ToonUp Coach

What is ToonUp Coach?

ToonUp Coach is our sister company that delivers delivers dozens of training animations, called "Training ToonUps" designed to address training issues in Customer Service, Human Resources, Sales Training, and general Office Etiquette. They are a very effective and flexible tool and work extremely well with the products on this website. Check them out at

How are the Training ToonUps on ToonUp Coach different than the animations on this site?

The Training ToonUps on the ToonUp Coach website consist of many of the same characters and artwork as on this website. The big difference is that the Training ToonUps on the ToonUp Coach website are designed to deliver a training message. They consist of a short animation...approximately 15 to 30 seconds long...followed by a training message (some call it the moral of the story)...followed by a set of prescriptive training tips.

These animations can be incorporated into PowerPoint and used for live training (we've even created learning materials and classroom activities), posted to corporate intranet sites, sent via email, or sent as part of our online quizzes.

Simply put, the Training ToonUps from ToonUp Coach allow professionals to train their staff in ways no other training method can!

Can I combine products from this site with ToonUp Coach?

Absolutely! In fact, since many of the animations, clip art, backgrounds, etc. came from the same artists and original files, they fit together beautifully. You can purchase a package from either site.

Training ToonUps and related products purchased from ToonUp Coach are accessed on a separate portal web site accessible only to ToonUp Coach customers. All products purchased from this website ( are accessed directly from this site through a secure log in.

If you are interested in purchasing products from either or both sites you may do so online or by calling us at 866-866-6877. Our sales and customer support representatives are well versed on both products!